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Future Plans

We are a small foundation with a lot of plans and ambitions for the future of the children of Uganda.

We intend to build classroom blocks, latrines, underground water tank and shelters for the school


Classroom building for the primary school

For the classroom block, an estimated € 100,000,- are expected to complete the structure.
The planned classroom will accommodate 300 students.
An additional € 6,000,-  estimated to equip the classes with furnitures to enable students to use the classes.


A well ventilated and durable pit latrine with separate cubicles for boys, girls and teachers to ensure privacy and proper hygiene at an estimated cost of € 8,000,-.

In 2021 we have been able to start the building of a new toilet system, in cooperation with financial help of "Stichting Wilde Ganzen" here is the link to the progress.

Water Tank

Because Uganda receives a good amount of rain during the rainy season, traditional borehole still remains the main source of clean drinking water. For the school, we intend to install an underground water tank connected to gutters that will collect drinking water through the roofs of the buildings. An estimated € 15,000,- needed to realize this water supply. 

In 2022 we were able to realize this project, see HERE is the link to the progress of this project.

Solar Panel System

Uganda lies astride the equator with natural abundance of sunshine throughout the year. We also believe that renewable energy is a step towards fighting climate change. A solar panel that will supply the school with lights and basic energy needs is estimated at  € 15,000,-.

In 2022 we have been able to start with the building of the system HERE you can find a repport about it.


We estimate a cost of € 30,000,- for a girls dormitory & € 30,000,- for the boys.

Multipurpose Hall

A multipurpose hall that will serve as a dinning hall where the children will eat. This hall would also be used for meetings and other form of gatherings for both the school and local communities. This hall costs about € 30,000,-.

Play Equipments

'Work without play makes Jack a dull man'. This was one of the first English sentences most Ugandan children learn during primary school in Kitgum. It emphasises the importance of play in a child's life. For children, play is crucial for their wellbeing. We estimated  € 1,500,- to be used to buy play materials and equipments for Laker Primary School.

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