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Family BBQ Fundraising

UKEF’s second Annual Family BBQ fundraising took place on June 22 2014. The event was a success with over 150 people in attendance. We were blessed with a fantastic weather, people came from across the country and also Germany.The event was made possible by the generous support of sponsors and volunteers. UKEF acknowledges the support and sponsorship of: Slagerij Dumont Vaals, Nanhoof Vaals, Happy Rent Simpleveld, Family Paffen, Family Grassere, Vladmir Kirasirov and his live music team, Pascalle, Cinzia, Michealla, Louise. We thank everyone who attended the event. Your generous contributions to our fundraising Barberque is highly appreciated. Together, we raised Euros 1,300,- thank you!This Year



News from our school in Kitgum Uganda

In 2014, our school enrolment increased from 30 to 115 children. This increment in the number of pupils also meant a lot more responsibilities both for UKEF and for our School Staff in Kitgum. During the course of the year, our school has extended its time from (08:00 hours - 14:30 hours) to (08:00 hours - 16:00 hours). This was to give our pupils/students more time in school for other extra curricular activities many of whom do not have the possibility to do at home after school. The parents/guardians of our school applauded this change and report they have noticed a lot of positive physical and mental changes in their children.

Staff :

Since the beginning of Second Term, our school recruited 2 more teachers. The school has 6 full-time teachers, 1 cook and 1 janitor. During the course of the year, our school received student teachers; 5 of whom were doing their ‘Child Study’ and the other 2 did their ’Teaching Practice’. Thank you for the local teachers training colleges for sending their students to work in our school.

School Feeding Programs:

Since its inception, our school provided 2 meals a day for 3 days of the week and only breakfast for the remaining 2 days of the week. However from May, 2014, the school was able to provide 2 meals a day for all the 5 days of the week. This change was possible with contribution of parents/guardian of our school who contribute a portion of maize and beans.

Play Materials :

Our school has basic play materials like swings, car tyres made through the local people in Kitgum. We also bought costumes like drums, calabashes, wires for traditional dances. Children now enjoy extra curricular activities ranging from playing, practicing traditional dances and football.


End of 2014 School Year Insight:

The school year in Kitgum is coming to an end and everyone is preparing for the end of year event and the Graduation Party. The graduation party is the official celebration for children who are leaving Nursery level to begin primary level next school year. This event officially mark the end of 2014 school calendar. Below are some photos of the preparation.


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